Republic Polytechnic Alumni Committee (RPAC)

The RPAC, first established in 2012, comprises alumni elected by the general alumni community (serving a two-year term) and graduating students nominated by the Schools. The Committee works closely with the Alumni Services Team to develop and enhance platforms and processes to better serve the RP alumni community.

The roles of the RPAC members include:

   • To be the voice of alumni to Senior Management and School Management. 
   • Represent alumni community at RP key signature events
   • Support professional and personal development among alumni
   • Encourage alumni to contribute back to RP
   • Ensure welfare of the alumni community 

There are now more than 53,000 RP alumni with membership growing by about 4,000 every year. As fellow alumni and committee members, we are determined to honour the history and tradition of Club Republic by serving its members and the polytechnic to the best of our abilities.

Browsing through the pages of this website will give you an idea of the breadth and scope of our activities and the benefits that come with being a republic alumnus.

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