Alumni Family Tree

The Alumni Family Tree was officially launched by the RP Board of Governors on 4 May 2015. It symbolises RP’s growing alumni family – a family firmly rooted in the values of RP, resplendently branching outwards to new challenges and aspirations. Every leaf represents a cohort of graduates embodying the moral values and strong affiliation forged during their time of learning, friendship and life in RP.

The Tree

Tree.gif To honour and celebrate the contributions of our Alumni, RP has constructed the Alumni Family Tree, an installation art piece to be displayed at the Mound. The Mound's peak represents our alumni's aspirations to reach for even greater heights. It will be in a prominent position at the entrance of the poly and will be easily seen from all levels within RPC, serving as a reminder that all students should strive to achieve the best during their poly days for them to flourish as alumni in future.




The Trunk

Branch.gifThe "REPUBLIC" and "Tree Trunk" are constructed out of concrete/cement. The Trunk symbolises Republic Polytechnic's flourishing alumni community and maturity as an institution. The roots represent the students being moulded with the RP code of honour and the crown of the tree represents the alumni, being held up by the strong values embedded in them from RP.





The Plaque Leaves.gif

The leaves are made of bronze metal finishing, complete with laser engraved leave veins. Each year, before the graduation ceremony, a new plaque will be installed for the graduating year.

The Chairman of the Board of Governors and our Principal and CEO of Republic Polytechnic will present the Graduation Leaf to the President of the graduating cohort’s Student Council during the Graduation Ceremony.