Enhanced Alumni Skills Advancement Programme (Enhanced ASAP)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
​1 ​Q I’ve graduated from RP many years ago. Am I still eligible for the complimentary courses?
​A Yes. All RP Alumni who have completed a Full-Time, Part-Time or Specialist Diploma are eligible to sign up for 3 complimentary courses under the Enhanced Alumni Skills Advancement Programme (ASAP). This applies to Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents and Foreigners as well.
​2 Q ​​What is the difference between ASAP and Enhanced ASAP?
A ​​RP has enhanced its ASAP to include stackable Skills-Based Modular Courses (SBMCs) from RP’s Specialist Diploma programmes.
​3 ​Q ​What are the type of short courses am I entitled to?
​A Under the Enhanced ASAP, RP alumni get to enjoy complimentary enrolment into their first three (3) SBMCs (RP’s Specialist Diploma programmes) or SkillsFuture (SF) Series courses offered by RP Academy of Continuing Education (ACE@RP). There are over 80 SBMCs and 200 SF Series courses available in various industries.

There are over 80 SBMCs and 200 SF Series courses available in various industries.
​4 ​Q When can I register for the course/s?
​A ​SBMC is available for registration from 1 June 2020 onwards.
SF Series courses is available for registration now.
​5 Q What is the duration for each SBMC?
​A ​Refer to the respective modular courses for the duration of the lesson.
​6 Q If I would like to stack my SBMCs into a full specialist diploma, what is the validity period for me to do so?
​A Alumni who are interested to attain a full Specialist Diploma qualification can accumulate or stack the three complimentary SBMCs with the remaining modular courses from the same Specialist Diploma within a period of two years.
​7 Q What happens after I sign up for a course, thereafter it was cancelled?
​A ​You will receive an email to inform you of the cancellation 1 to 2 weeks before the course commences. Since the cancellation is made by RP, your Enhanced ASAP entitlement would not be affected.
​8 Q How do I check the balance of my booster pack?
​A ​When you sign up for a course and indicate that you are using the Enhanced ASAP scheme, you will receive an invoice indicating your remaining ASAP entitlement. You will receive the invoice 1 to 2 weeks before the course commences.
​9 Q ​​What happens after I have utilise all the 3 courses?
​A Should all 3 courses be fully utilised, you will be required to pay the course fee. The issued invoice will indicate the amount payable.
            10 Q If I still have some entitlements, am I eligible?
​A Yes. Each alumni can sign up for 3 complimentary courses under the Enhanced ASAP. For example, if you have utilised 2 complimentary courses from last year’s ASAP, you are allowed to sign up for 1 more complimentary courses under this year’s Enhanced ASAP.
​11 Q ​When will I receive the notice for confirmation of course after I signed up?
​​A ​You will receive an email notification to confirm your course placement 1 to 2 weeks before the course commences.
            12 Q What happens if the course registration is full?
​A ​In case the course is full, you will receive an email to register for the next available course date, or to register your interest if no course date is available for registration.
13 Q ​Can I change my mind after registering for a course?
​A No cancellation is allowed. Hence, we recommend that you ensure your availability to attend the course before registering.
​14Q​How would I know if the vacancies for Enhanced ASAP is full, and what happens when the cacancies for Enhanced ASAP are filled for a particular course?
​A​You will be informed in the event that Enhanced ASAP vacancies for the course are filled, and thereafter you will be offered the option to register as a self-paying participant.
​15Q​​Can i request to change a course or course date(s) after registering?
​A​Request to change course or course dates are not allowed.
​16​QWhat if I do not attend the course after successful registration?​
A​​Your complimentary course entitlement would be considered redeemed. However, if you have a medical certificate that covers your absence from the course, please scan and email it to us at ace@rp.edu.sg, no later than three working days from the course start date. we will update you on the next available course run dates, or refund your Enhanced ASAP course entitlement.
​17Q​Who can I contact for more information for the course?
​APlease contact us at ace@rp.edu.sg
​18Q​What is my Alumni ID?
​A​Your Alumni ID is your past Student ID.